Product : Squeeze vomiting frog grape ball
size: 9.5*6.5cm
packaging: 12 one color box, 4 colors mixed, 288 / box
Applicable age: over 3 years old
Material: TPR + gel (Environmentally friendly materials)
Function: Spoof, decompression, learning and work are better ways to relax.
Note: This product is not edible. The liquid inside is environmentally friendly gel, which can be used safely. It is recommended for infants and toddlers to play under the care of adults.
1. 12pcs / box X 24 boxes = 288 / box
2. Squeeze vomiting frog grape ball , it is a Entertainment toy that adults and children like to play, and a good decompression toy outside of work and life.
Squeeze vomiting frog grape ball, Lifelike frog, very loved by children, gently squeeze, the crystal ball will vomit in the frog's mouth, crystal clear, very fun!Animal Squishy Ball manufacturers